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How can IT&C training help you stay ahead of the pack

In today’s economic landscape, digital skills are no longer something that is nice to have but a prerequisite for business success.

Not that long ago, these skills were mostly associated with the software development industry. But now things have changed. It doesn’t matter which area your organization operates in or what specific role you have in that organization. Software is now everywhere and with it, there is a huge need for people with the necessary skills to develop and use it.

This has led to the increased competition when it comes to recruiting talent and has put pressure on companies’ bottom line. But there are tools that you can use to make life easier for yourself and IT&C training are one of the best instruments in your HR arsenal.

Take advantage of your internal resources

Recruitment is one way to go when it comes to getting the people you need. But a better and more cost-effective way is to develop your internal resources through training. A lot of the time you already have the right people for the job working in your company, albeit with some skills that are missing or not fully developed.

You may already have programmers specialized in certain programming languages which you can train to work with other programming languages. Employees from your marketing, accounting, or HR department can, for example, be retrained to become junior software testers, junior business analysts, or junior data scientists depending on your needs. The possibilities are endless when you focus on retraining your current workforce through courses and internal academies.

Increase in employee loyalty and retention

Monetary rewards can only take you so far and after a certain point in their professional career, people start looking and assessing other factors when it comes to joining a company or leaving their current one. The option to learn and continuously develop is an important priority for many of us.

A lot of employees decide to quit when they see that the company they work for isn’t interested in investing in their development or the fact that there is no room for further professional growth. By implementing IT&C training in your organization you also fulfill this need for professional development. Mix it with an Internal Mobility program, that allows employees to apply for positions in other departments and you have a winning formula.

Better Return on Investment

Let’s be honest. Implementing IT&C training in your company will require a bigger upfront cost and a larger window of time before you can see the results. However, the advantages fully outweigh the disadvantages.

First of all, you get out of the “recruitment only by salary” game, where the only thing that matters is how much you are willing to pay. In the long run, this type of strategy ends up costing you more not only in terms of overhead but also in terms of retention.

Second of all, it is easier to onboard an employee you already have in a new project, rather than recruiting from the outside. Because he already knows the company and the procedures, this means he spends more time on the project tasks.

And third, a fully developed IT&C training strategy is not that easy to copy which means that this investment will bring you a competitive advantage not shared by other organizations. As opposed to simply using monetary incentives to get the talent you need.

How can Luxoft Training help

Luxoft Training has been helping companies with IT&C training for more than 10 years.

Whether it’s programming, software testing, business analysis, Agile, data science, or other related subjects. We have more than 300 courses available for both beginners and more advanced users and we can custom our solutions depending on your specific needs.

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