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International Posting

Do you need to recruit nationally or internationally?

Posting and re-posting the same add-in on different foreign platforms is annoying you?

Receiving tens of invoices in various currencies is driving you crazy? is the answer to your issues. 3000 recruiters posted jobs in 92 countries.

50% of European, Asian and American students declared they are interested in a job opportunity abroad.

For only 50 euros per month, you can post unlimited job offers in which country you wish to recruit from.

EX: Mary works for an IT firm based in Cluj and has two branches: one in Bucharest, one in Timisoara. Mary is willing to employ 20 new engineers worldwide.

  1. Mary shares information about her company ( video job description, pics and location)

  2. She uploads the vacancy details and the benefits offer (relocation pack details);

  3. She can now clone the same job post in Timisoara, Bucharest, Suceava, Debrecen, Bulgaria, Moldova and Pakistan.

Jobs are listed by proximity and seen by local people and people coming from the 7 previously mentioned territories and interested in relocating themself.

1 international PLATFORM = 1 single account = 1 single invoice = worldwide recruiting.

TRY for FREE (up to 3 job posts)

Or for only 50 Euros/month instead of 400 Euros, you can get unlimited access to our services such as:

1. International candidate’s database

2. Post unlimited jobs in an unlimited location

3. Upload unlimited video job descriptions and pictures

4. Post as an agency

For info: or

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